Family Friendly Escape Room In Chester, VA

You and your team are the star in our story-driven adventure experiences. Can you escape the room within 60 minutes?

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“We’re dedicated to giving our customers the best possible experience. We’re always willing to go the extra mile to make sure you have a great time playing our escape room games.”

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✨Important Booking Information

To explore our escape games and make bookings, scroll down 👇

We currently have 2 escape rooms, each of which can accommodate 2-10 players.

If you have 11-20 people in your group, you should split up into 2 groups and book both our rooms at the same time slot. If you have 21 or more people in your group, please call us or drop a mail to set up your booking.

Looking to host a birthday party, a team building event or some other special event in Chester, VA? We have the best escape rooms, a great place for such events! Call us, and we’ll help you set it up.

We have special pricing for younger players:
– General admission: $30 per player
– Children under 13: $25 per player
– Children under 5: FREE
Subject to a minimum booking amount of $75.

We offer 10% off for veterans, first responders, college students, and senior citizens.

We suggest making your booking for the number of people that you’re sure will turn up.

If a few more people decide to join your group on the day, we can easily increase your team size, subject to room capacity.

If there are no-shows we may be able to adjust for that as well, provided the entire booking isn’t cancelled last-minute.

Choose Your Escape Experience

Play the best-loved family escape games in Chester, VA. Immerse yourself in exciting environments as you star in your very own adventure. Can you beat the clock and escape in 60 minutes?

BlackBeard's Revenge



Escape a place

Trapped in the brig of his ship, can you find a way out before Blackbeard returns and makes you walk the plank?

You have 60 minutes!

Lab Rats

Research facility


Investigate a place

Can you investigate a strange medical research facility and figure out what they're up to before the timer runs out?

You have 60 minutes!

What Our Players Think Of Us

Hosting An Event In Chester, VA?

The Escape Adventures Family Enetertainment

Birthday Party

Make it a family birthday event, unlike any birthday party they've ever had before. Nobody's gonna give you the eyeroll and start scrolling through their phones at this birthday party!

Team Building

The team building event that every single person will want to take part in! Watch as colleagues cooperate, communicate and coordinate to fulfil their mission and escape the room within 60 minutes!

4 man team after their escaped the lab rats escape room
date nights rochester ny

Date Night

An intimate and thrilling experience in which the two of you work together as a couple to spot clues, overcome challenges, and beat the clock to fulfil your mission! Can you escape in 60 minutes?

Other Private Events

Having a bachelor(ette) party? A bar/bat mitzvah? Celebrating graduation? Whatever be the occasion, few events beat teaming up with your guests to go on a real-life adventure in Chester, VA!

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Gift Cards In Chester, VA?

Give your loved ones a chance to have their own escape room adventure. It's a gift the'll remember you for!

What Makes Us Unique

Story Driven


All our games are heavily storyline-driven. That's what makes them escape adventures, rather than a series of random puzzles.


Sequels And Series

We want to immerse you into longer narratives across multiple escape rooms. That's why we aim to develop games that will take current storylines forward.


Balanced Challenges

Many escape rooms think the harder the puzzles and tasks, the better. We don't. We want you to have a great time; not take a test on your puzzle skills.


Player Experience

From maintaining rooms to ensuring game masters engage with players; we do everything we can to ensure a stellar experience for you.

About Us

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We're a veteran owned escape room brand offering story-driven escape room experiences in Chester, VA. Our Chief Visionary Officer Robert has drawn extensively from his time in the military to design escape games that develop team spirit among players. You will enjoy bonding with your family, friends, colleagues and loved ones as you work together to spot clues, solve puzzles, accomplish tasks and fulfill your mission. Can you beat the clock and escape the room within 60 minutes?

Frequently Asked Questions

An escape room is a themed adventure in which you and your team have to fulfil a mission within 60 minutes.
That wasn’t very illuminating, was it?

So, let’s take up Blackbeard’s Revenge, one of our escape rooms, as an example. In Blackbeard’s Revenge you have to escape a pirate ship before Blackbeard returns (which will be in 60 minutes).

You and your team will be led into a space that’s been designed – with interior design, props and special effects – to resemble a pirate ship.
You won’t be told explicitly how to proceed. There will be clues hidden around the game space that you have to find.

As you move forward, you’ll find puzzles and tasks blocking your way. Work as a team to crack them and move forward.
A game master will be monitoring you throughout your game. You can ask them for help if you get stuck.

What do you think? Does that sound exciting?

Want to give it a go?

No, there will always be an unlocked exit in case of emergency​.

As of now we don’t have any escape games with scary themes.

At some points in the games you may be surprised or startled by something. But they’re not set up to scare or terrify you.

Nope! We welcome players of all ages!

How to reach us

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