Escape Room Difficulty Levels – A Guide on How to Choose the Right Room

Have you ever wanted to feel like a master detective? To solve thrilling clues and puzzles in a limited timeframe? 

If so, an escape room will be a great challenge for you. They allow you to challenge yourself as you are immersed in the story of an escape room. But what difficulty level fits the best for your group? 

Escape rooms have varying degrees of difficulty ranging from lighthearted fun to highly challenging. Those looking for an exciting challenge may want to consider the highest difficulty level. 

On the other hand, those who are just starting out or prefer something less intense can opt for simpler challenges for a less intense experience. 

Explore this article to find out how escape room difficulty level plays an important factor in choosing an escape room game.

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What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is an immersive gaming experience where players solve puzzles, uncover clues, and find their way out of a themed room. Players are usually given a set amount of time to complete the challenge and must work together as a team to succeed. 

The difficulty level is measured depending on the puzzles’ complexity and the escape room’s theme. There are 3 basic escape room difficulty levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced. 

However, the time limit is the same for all escape rooms, no matter the difficulty level. The immersive and interactive nature is not harmed for any different level. 

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Let’s dive in to understand the different difficulty levels, how they affect our games and how they are determined!

Beginner-Level Escape Rooms

Easiest of all, beginner-level escape rooms provide simpler experiences. The game room includes a few and easy puzzles, giving more time for the players to solve them. This helps beginners to get the hang of the game. 

The clues are easy to find and solve, making it a less intense experience than the other levels while still offering plenty of fun and excitement. But beginners will find the game interesting, and if you love the escape, you will return for more! 

For beginners looking to try escape rooms or people who haven’t experienced an escape room before, beginner-level escape rooms will suit the best for you. They are also great for an evening of family fun and celebrating kids’ birthdays

Trick: Listen to the game host introducing the game theme. It may or may not include hints. Once inside the game room, spread yourselves out to look for clues. Solve them together and keep the puzzles organized. Be calm and enjoy! 

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Intermediate Escape Rooms

At the intermediate or medium level, puzzles are slightly more complex than the beginner level but are still solvable for most people. The focus is still on fun, interactivity, and immersiveness but with some added challenges thrown in good measure. 

Various puzzles, hidden clues, and combination puzzles are a few ways to make the game challenging. Medium escape rooms can provide an outstanding balance between completing the game without too much frustration and giving players a thrilling experience. 

Highly recommended for date nights, bachelor/bachelorette parties, corporate events, and team building activities. Events with bonding experience and problem solving skills as the main aim must try intermediate escape rooms to achieve better results. 

Trick: Anything that seems out of place is your clue. Follow light formations and sound cues. With mindfulness and a brainy team, you can take the escape room by storm! 

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Why escape rooms are suitable for team building activities.

Advanced Escape Rooms

Advanced level escape rooms are designed for experienced players who crave a real mental challenge. The level typically features complex puzzles that require deep thinking and problem solving skills to escape the room within the time limit. 

The hardest level of all, advanced escape room adventures offer an exciting challenge for those looking for something extra difficult and rewarding when it comes to their entertainment options. All types of puzzles are mixed and matched to form combination puzzles requiring high brain power. 

The advanced level offers a more intense and realistic experience than the beginner and intermediate levels. A large group of adventurers or a few escape room experts looking for a difficult challenge can come together to solve the room. 

Highly recommended for escape room enthusiasts, experts, and adventurers who have had many escape room experiences and are looking for new and difficult challenges. 

Trick: Search the room thoroughly for hidden compartments. Clues will be hidden in the most unexpected places, so scour the room. Keep track of your clues, and try joining the dots when you cannot find any more clues.

The Escape Adventure Chester

Which Room Suits the Best for Your Team?

Understanding the different levels of difficulty is only a part of the puzzle. To get a complete picture of what you are up against, it is important to consider the other factors that affect the difficulty level. Themes, puzzles, and individual skills also play an essential part in solving an escape room game. 

The design and layout of an escape room can make it easier or more challenging to complete. If too many puzzles are crammed into a small space, it might be challenging to find and complete them in time. Conversely, if some puzzles require a lot of movement within the room, this can also increase the difficulty. 

The second factor is the number and variety of puzzles. Some rooms may require only one type of puzzle solving skill. 

In contrast, others might include multiple types, such as word puzzles, math problems, jigsaw puzzles, logic puzzles, and physical challenges, among many others. The more variety there is in an escape room, the harder it will be for players to solve them all in the allotted time. 

Finally, the number of participants and their individual skills also affect the difficulty level. If you have a group with many members who specialize in specific areas like logic or math problems, then completing the escape room might not be as difficult as if there were fewer people with fewer skills between them. Now, if you have several people with no particular expertise, then getting out in time will be much tougher! 

When choosing an escape game room, it is important to keep these in mind. Hence, choosing a good team is vital for a difficult escape room level. 

Any room in an escape room facility comes with a difficulty level. Hence, be mindful of the level before diving in. 

The difficulty of an escape room game is a significant factor in ensuring that players have a fun and challenging experience. Choosing the right level for your group can be tricky, but with careful consideration, you can find the perfect difficulty level for everyone.

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The Escape Adventure Chester Experience

The Escape Adventure Chester provides creative themes with realistic sets, props, sound, and light design that will transport you to another world of immersiveness and interactivity. 

Our escape room center at 13209 Rivers Bend Blvd, Chester, VA 23836, United States, The Escape Adventure provides two escape games to choose from – Blackbeard’s Revenge (difficulty level – intermediate) and Lab Rats (difficulty level – hard). 

Choose your squad for a 60-minute adventure with us. We offer escape room party places for you to chill after your games or to celebrate any special event, including birthday parties, team building activities, and corporate events, among many others. 

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Choosing an escape room’s difficulty level is a matter of personal preference. Some people might want to challenge themselves with a high-difficulty room, while others might feel more comfortable with something less intense. 

Regardless of your choice, it’s important to understand how difficulty levels work and what you can do to make your experience more exciting. 

Additionally, look into these resources that provide tips and strategies for playing an escape room at a certain difficulty level. This will ensure everyone has a good time and enjoys their experience. 

Tell us in the comments below who you want on your escape room team! You can name movie characters, cartoons, actors, or any superhero. 


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