Best Escape Rooms Near Me For 13-Year-Olds

Got a kid bored at home during their summer holidays? We’ve got the perfect plan! Why not take them to an escape room?

What’s an escape room, you ask? Never fear – we have all the details for you. 

An escape room is a safe and supervised locked-room environment that can be either physical or virtual, or both. 

One must work to complete tasks, solve riddles and puzzles with available clues, and overcome challenges with the tools they’re given to be able to get out of the room. 

This can be done as a solo experience, but is more usually done in teams of various sizes. The tasks are usually timed, and an escape room experience can last from anywhere from an hour up to two and a half hours, or perhaps longer. 

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They can also have various levels of difficulty. Some of the games are more physically challenging, while others require greater brainpower.

Most escape rooms have themed adventures, so you can choose whatever you like the best. They can range from famous fictional worlds, to fantasy, to sci-fi, to mysteries and even military missions. 

Most escape rooms also hold events – from birthday parties to just fun hang-out sessions with friends. They also usually have snacks along with other entertainment options – like arcades with both modern and vintage video games.

Now that you know what an escape room is, you can arrange for your child’s day trip to one! 

Since you know best what your child loves, you can pick the exact adventure type and group size that will be most suited to them.

And if you need a list of locations – we’ve got you. 

We’ve put together a handy list of the best escape rooms in Richmond that can keep your young ‘un occupied. From virtual escapades to physical escape rooms to arcades and snacks – they’ve got it all. 

You could take your child there with their friends Or you could even take your whole family there and make a day of it.

Without further ado, here are the best Escape Rooms in Richmond for your young teen. 

  1. The Escape Adventures
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That’s us! We specialize in story-driven escape room adventures. Our escape rooms aren’t just a series of random puzzles and challenges – they have narratives, with prequels and sequels spanning across multiple escape room experiences. 

And the best part is that they all feature the player as the protagonist. You have 60 minutes to wrangle your way out of the pirate Blackbeard’s ship or probe into the doings of a suspicious medical facility. We bet your teen will love this!

We also do team building, corporate events, birthdays and even date nights. 

So what’re you waiting for? Book your tickets now and watch your child’s ordinary day become extraordinary. 

2. Escape Room RVA

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This escape room has 3 different locations so you can pick one according to your convenience. 

It hosts 3 unique escape room experiences that involve interactive puzzle solving on mystical adventures! You could deal with horrifying monsters in your uncle’s mysterious mansion, go on a mission to rescue a crew of astronauts and battle evil wizards. 

The missions require different levels of physical activity and you can choose according to what you child likes. The venues can accommodate groups of 8 per room so it’s the perfect place for a little get-together with their friends!

Fun Fact : Escape2Win’s latest game is causing a buzz at VA Beach; a very popular & highly-recommended escape room experience!

3. River City Escape Room

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This venue is still hosting virtual experiences, just in case your tennager wants the thrill of the experience from your own home. They promise that their escape rooms are just as immersive at home as they are in their locations. 

Their rooms include a peep through the looking glass with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the physically active Manhattan project in which you race to escapoe a nuclear bomb, and fight for your innocence after being falsely accused and jailed. Durations, group sizes and difficulty levels are all varied, so you can choose what’s best for your child. 

4. Breakout Games

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Breakout Games specialises in providing fun experiences for the whole family all together. They never make you play with strangers for any part of the 60 minutes that their games last for. 

What’s more, they have multiple locations and each of them have  unique challenges. These include Undercover Alley, in which you play a detective infiltrating a crime organization called the Syndicate; The Kidnapping, in which you must escape before your kidnapper returns; Museum Heist, in which you must find a rare collection of stolen artwork by breaking into the thief’s home and following the clues; and Operation: Casino, in which you get to cosplay James Bond!

There are Youtube trailers for all the rooms, if you want to take a look.

5. Riddle Me This

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This escape room is located in a mall – so the food courts are just a stone’s throw away! Their rooms are wheelchair-friendly, so everyone can enjoy them. 

They have some unusually themed rooms and we especially like Family Secrets, in which your grandpa is your kidnapper; Dr Ensaine, in which you just escape a murderous dentist; and Rock Star, in which you must find a leading singer who has gone missing. 

The rooms are marked with suitability levels for different ages, and they can all be tailored for different group sizes.

6. Gnome & Raven

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We LOVE this escape room experience’s graphics and illustrations, and very detailed gameplay. Each of their rooms have detailed backstories. 

There is Shipwrecked, which is situated aboard the vessel of Davy Jones himself, in which mermaids are your companions. We also love Tomb Ruins, which takes place in the tomb of a pharaoh.

If you’re more into Disney, though, you can also free a genie from his Magic Lamp, or if you like Harry Potter, you could pay a visit to a Wizard’s Castle. 

Each room has warnings about the kind of physical activity they involve, such as crouching, sliding, crawling through small spaces and so on, as well as any allergens they might have. For example, many of the rooms have sand or flashing lights. This can help you avoid specific situations you are uncomfortable with. 

There are multiple ready-made packages available for events that could include an in-character host, invitations shareable online, birthday cake and drinks if the occasion calls for it, and even special mementoes for guests. The venue also accommodates people of all ages and difficulty levels. 

7. Red Vein Escape 

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Red Vein Escape Room is situated next to Ashland Haunted History Tours, just in case you want to double up! It’s run by a group of artists who have earlier been part of a traveling troupe of actors specializing in scary experiences. The Room also hosts Richmond’s only horror book club and horror movie club. We’re already intrigued. 

You could face vampires (one for the fans of The Vampire Diaries or Twilight!), complete a unique 10 minute, 2-person endurance challenge called Project Phobia (yikes!), and even go on a journey to Atlantis.

All rooms are carefully supervised so that if at any point a participant becomes overcome with fear, they can be escorted out. Hosts also give you clues if you have too much difficulty solving a puzzle.

Explore our article to understand what to do when you panic in an escape room.

And there you have it! A brief list of the best escape rooms in town for you to take your young adult to.

Escape rooms are a fascinating opportunity to step out of your everyday life. They allow you to venture into lands that previously existed only in your imagination. 

Rich in story and details, they allow you to navigate your way through an exciting narrative in which you get to be the hero. What better way to help your child evade boredom?

Of course, we hope to see you at our very own The Escape Adventures very soon! 

Book your tickets here and watch the event become the highlight of your child’s summer, as they step into magical faraway lands they could earlier enter only in their dreams! 

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