Best Escape Rooms For A Teen Birthday Party in Richmond, VA

Are you a parent, relative, or just generally know of a teen?

If yes, I’m sure you’d empathize with me when I say gone are the days when kids really did as they were told to or simply obeyed without a question.

There was a time when birthday parties were simple home parties with the birthday kid’s friends and near family. Along with some chips, soft drinks, and a snack box, it was made a little livelier with a couple of games that would be played and gifts distributed to the winners, and some dancing to the latest tracks.

But as they say, we need to move on with the times and the best examples of the saying are our teens who know their minds for sure. Their birthday parties have also now upgraded to different locations and places; amongst them, the most popular are Escape Rooms.

So what exactly is an ‘Escape Room’? 

In literal terms ‘escape’ simply means to break free and that is exactly the concept of these rooms. Escape rooms host rooms with different themes or genres and the motive of the participant are to solve some mystery, puzzle, or clue and leave the locked room within a stipulated time. 

The activity could last for 1-2 hours and most important; it is absolutely safe. The rooms can be chosen according to their difficulty level or as per the theme that you like ranging from adventure, sci-fi, or history. 

The games can be played individually or in a group. If you are weak-hearted and don’t have the dare to play them, then you could sit outside in the viewing room and see the participants in their ongoing quests.

Most of the escape rooms have their own cafes, party area, and arcade games, making them perfect for hosting birthday parties for teens.
These are exactly why escape rooms are so popular amongst teens. Listed below are my recommendations for the Best Escape Rooms For Teen Birthday Parties Richmond, VA

1. Riddle Me This Escape Room


‘Riddle Me This’ has 5 escape rooms in all which can accommodate two to eight players. Out of the 5, one room namely the ‘Asylum’, is for ages above 13, due to its scare quotient. 

Located on the top floor of the Regency Mall, this place attracts a lot of crowds due to its perfect location. The rooms are also wheelchair friendly which is a plus. The puzzles and decor of the rooms are absolutely amazing and the kids can have a great time bonding over clues, mysteries, and puzzles, whilst trying to escape the room together.

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Pricing per person starts at 25$ and it is advisable to be there at least 15 mins prior to your game time, so the staff can debrief you with the game rules and regulations.

PS: The only negative is that there are no restrooms here. One has to use the mall restrooms.

2. Gnome & Raven


The rooms here are priced at 30$ per person + taxes with a minimum of 4 players. In the case of a big group of 10-12 players, roughly 300$ + taxes are charged. 

There are 4 rooms here namely ‘Wizard’s Castle’, ‘Shipwrecked’, ‘Tomb Ruins’ and ‘Magic Lamp’ and Gnome and Raven offer 3 types of packages for events such as birthdays and celebrations.

The interiors and the difficulty level of games suit everyone right from a child to an adult. The best part is there is always someone on the staff ready to help and assist you in case you are stuck with a puzzle or are clueless as to how to exit the room.

3. The Escape Adventures


Definitely one of my favorite escape rooms in Richmond, The Escape Adventures is the complete package. Right from having a team building session to hosting your teen’s birthday party, this place is absolutely perfect.

The place has 2 escape rooms; namely ‘Blackbeard’s Revenge’ and ‘Lab Rats’, the difficulty level of the former being medium and the latter a bit more challenging. Both the rooms have a timer of 60 minutes and can accommodate 2-8 players.

The hosts and the staff are super friendly and help you pick the best plan for your party according to the number of guests. The conference room can be leased out and decorated for your Richmond birthday party and cake cutting after the teens experience the fun and challenge of the escape room.  

With a third room in the works, this place has definitely a lot to offer and is a complete package.

PS: They even have escape room board games. Could it get any better?

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4. River City Escape Room

With 3 escape rooms namely; ‘Alice’, ‘Innocent’, and ‘Manhattan’, and one in the making, this place is a good destination for hosting your teen’s birthday party in Richmond.

The rooms all have individual player counts ranging from 2-8 players maximum and last for 60 minutes in duration. The decor and the puzzles make this a fun place to be.

Suitable for all age groups right from teens to adults, the rooms are also enjoyed by senior citizens as well. The puzzles and clues are well hidden and the game host makes solving them all the more fun and challenging.

Priced at 80$ for 1-3 players and therein a 25$ charge for the rest, this surely is a great place to be in.

5. Cville Escape Rooms


The Cville Escape Room has 6 rooms to choose from; Reserve Archaeologist’s Adventure, Conspiracy X, and The Dark Circus with a requirement of a minimum of 4 players, and the Reserve Paris: Le Chat et La Souris, Sherlock: Moriarty’s Revenge, and Jack the Ripper’s London with a minimum of 2 players.

Priced at 28$ per person meeting the criteria of the minimum players, the group is given 60 minutes to solve the puzzles and escape the rooms. For teens aged below 16, an accompanying adult needs to be present in the room with them.

Each room has a theme and the clues and puzzles are designed accordingly. This is an all age friendly place and can accommodate practically everyone. 

PS: The plus, is the rooms are never locked giving the players the chance to leave the room anytime in case the room gets daunting.

6. Red Vein Escape

Comprising 4 escape rooms, of which one ‘Escaping Krampus’ is available during Christmas, the rooms here are a perfect blend of thrill and fun. The other 3 rooms are ‘Hunt for the Richmond Vampire’, ‘Phobia’ and ‘Escape from 20000 Leagues’, each providing a different theme and genre to explore. 

All the games are 60 minutes games and have a 4 person charge or a 100$ booking fee. Your group will never be paired with another group. For bookings made anytime on a Wednesday or Thursday, or any game booked before 2 pm on a Saturday, the minimum charges are waived.  The games require at least 2 people to complete the puzzles in case 4 people aren’t available.

With a great staff and hosts, the rooms are maintained extremely well and are a perfect place to host your teen’s birthday party.

7. Breakout Games


With a discount of 10% on Mon-Thur, this place can be a budget friendly option to host your teen’s birthday party.

With unique themes and rooms right from exploring an island to finding the kidnapper and restoring ancient relics in 60 minutes can indeed be a fun way to spend a birthday.

‘Undercover Alley’, ‘Do Not Disturb’, ‘The Kidnapping’, Museum Heist’, and ‘Operation: Casino’ are the 5 escape rooms here each offering a different thrill and mystery. The rooms aren’t very easy to escape and many a time you might be still stuck there after the 60 minutes, but that makes it all the more challenging and forces you to return back.

PS: The game masters definitely looked, dressed, and acted their part

8. Escape Old Towne


Right in the center of Virginia, the Escape Old Towne is an extremely convenient place to hang out or host your teen’s birthday party.

With 4 rooms in the offering namely, 80’s Prom Room, The Mad Tea Party, Dr. Jekyll / Mr Hyde, and Area 51, this place is fantastic to give you a dose of fantasy and adventure along with lots of fun and mystery to solve along the way.

Priced at 25$ per person, they offer discounts on corporate and party bookings and can accommodate from 8-10 people in a room. The escape room duration is 60 minutes with a lot of pre game help from the masters who familiarize you with the space and locks, which surely makes your tasks a tad bit easier.

9. Colonial Escape Rooms


Who thought solving puzzles and escaping a room can be so much thrilling and fun?

The Colonial Escape Rooms provides 4 fantastic rooms, for just the right amount of fun and adventure. 

‘The Chesapeake Bay Butcher’ room is a bit frightening and can hold 3-10 players. For the future ready kids and adults, the ‘CyberPunk’d’ room is definitely recommended and can have 2 to 6 players. The ‘Massacre’ room is a bit gory and the room setting is dark according to its theme, definitely not for the faint hearted in spite of its 2 to 8 player recommendation. The ‘Blackbeard’s Cabin’ is touted as the most difficult room here and can hold 2 to 6 players. There are no combination locks in this room, which makes it different from the others.
PS: The ‘Chesapeake Bay Butcher’ room can be frightening for children. Parental discretion is advised for this room.

Hope you all had a great time touring my best escape rooms teenage birthday party near me in Richmond, VA. Do check them out for sure, you definitely won’t be disappointed!

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