Best Indoor Birthday Party Places in Orange County For Kids

Your child’s birthday is indeed a special day and hosting him/her a birthday party makes it even more special for them. But hosting one, also calls for a lot of preparations and a huge to-do list. 

Orange County has so many great birthday party venue options where you can host your child’s birthday party, both indoor and outdoor. Themes and destination parties are a big hit for a kids’ birthday party in current times, with tons of options to choose from. So whether you want to host your child’s birthday party at home or simply scout the best indoor location that will take care of the entertaining and clean up for you, that’s totally up to you.

In case you are on the lookout for some fun activities for your child near Richmond VA, check this.

Listed below are my ideas for the Best Indoor Birthday Party Places in Orange County, Richmond VA For Kids:-

  • Laser Tag Birthday Party
  • Escape Room Birthday Party
  • Themed Birthday Party
  • Gaming Birthday Party
  • Cooking Birthday Party
  • Trampoline Park Birthday Party
  • Make a Movie Birthday Party
  • Photo Booth Birthday Party
  • Pool Birthday Party
  • Ice Skating Birthday Party
  • Bouncing House Birthday Party
  • Bowling Birthday Party

1. Laser Tag Birthday Party

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Glow in the Dark Laser Tag Birthday parties for kids is a super fun option. Ideal for kids, teens, and adults as well, everyone has a great time here. 

The venue is made completely dark and filled with bright glowing neon lights and fog. Each kid is marked with neon body paint and glow in the dark accessories. Laser Tag themed birthday parties can be done both indoors and outdoors, but the glow in the dark ones work best indoors. 

In case you have a big covered yard, you can hire a tag party specialist and set up the birthday party at home or you can simply host your kid’s birthday party at their indoor venues. 

The ocfunevents hosts some amazing laser tag birthday parties for kids. A basic laser tag party package includes minimum 2 trained Game Coaches, and 1 to 2 hours of playtime along with camouflage tent-style bunkers, multi colored party lights, and glow in the dark; face & body paint, and accessories, along with laser taggers. The game coaches take care of setting up teams and manage and handle all the games with the kids.

2. Escape Room Birthday Party

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Are you looking for a different and unique way to celebrate your kid’s birthday party in Richmond, VA? 

Then you should definitely opt for an escape room birthday party idea. Escape rooms are an ideal venue for team building activities as well.

An escape room birthday party idea is great as collectively the kids learn how to work together as a team and work on improving their communication and problem solving, all in the midst of fun and a game. 

The Escape Adventures in Richmond, VA set up everything for your party including food. They have 2 escape rooms where you can escape a pirate ship or explore a research facility all in 60 minutes with the help of an amazing staff along with puzzles and clues. Their birthday packages include 2 adult tickets for the escape room along with the use of their conference room for one hour after the escape room for cake cutting and 2 large pizzas from Marco’s (quantity depends entirely on the count of people). 

3. Themed Birthday Party

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If your kid wants to be a superhero or a super girl, fret no more. Hosting your kid’s theme birthday party in Orange County, VA is now extremely easy and hassle-free. 

Many companies put together and host Themed Birthday Parties even at your home or their own event hall. Their packages include a character theme along with decor, props, games, and party favors for the kids to take away home. I would vouch for The Travelling Tea for its amazing themes and parties.

Along with character themes, you can also opt for a more generic party theme such as a Tea Party, Spa Party, etc.  

The kids would surely love this idea of a make believe world for their birthday party that would let them be their favorite superheroes or characters even for some time.

4. Gaming Birthday Party

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Video game themed birthday parties in Orange County VA are a rage right now. 

A gaming arcade takes care of hosting your party and leaves you tension free. For the kids, it’s simply all fun and excitement as who doesn’t like arcade video games? Kids and adults alike, love to try their hands on video games and try their luck. 

The InfuzionZone is a great place to host your kid’s gaming birthday party.

You can coordinate video game party favors along with your venue host for the kids. Depending on the games and characters, you can customize candies, stationery, jewelry, etc which the attendees would love.

To customize the gaming birthday party, even more, similar t-shirts and caps can be customized for the entire birthday entourage, which would serve as a great party theme as well as party favors to take back home.

5. Cooking Birthday Party

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In today’s world, each individual should know basic skills like cooking for survival, irrespective of gender or age. 

A cooking themed kids’ birthday party combines fun and life lessons, both. The kids can try their hands at making their favorite food and relish it as well. This activity builds confidence among the kids and teaches them value and patience.

The Culinary Kids makes the attendee’s chefs and make them work on each recipe from scratch along with the birthday chef.

Culinary Kids will work with you to make sure your child has an amazing and memorable birthday party! A birthday package here includes the preparation of the main dish, side dish, and dessert in approx 2 hours with all the food and kitchen supplies included along with a juice and tableware.

6. Trampoline Park Birthday Party

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The Sky Zone Trampoline Park is a great place to host your kid’s birthday party in Richmond, VA.

They take care of all the hassle of planning your birthday party and leave you carefree. Their birthday party package includes a private party area, digital party invitations that can be customized, supplies, a party host, and even a special birthday shirt for the birthday kid.

Their entire park is open to the kids to jump their hearts out and when the playtime is over the party host will take you to the party room for the cake cutting and serve you food, snacks, and drinks as predecided with your package. 

7. Make a Movie Birthday Party

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You can never go wrong with kids and movies. This is probably the most loved idea of a kid’s birthday party and the convenience of doing it either indoors at your home or simply can rent a venue.

Put on a favorite movie of your kid, dim the lights, and keep the supply of popcorn and juice flowing and the kids would be happily enjoying the birthday party.

Or simply have your make-a-movie party at Incrediflix. They provide a top-notch crew that will direct your movie from start to end and gives it a real shooting vibe and experience for the kids. You just need to pick the movie theme, the rest is handled by them. 

The invitee kids can also help in writing the story and introducing characters in the movie. In case anyone kid is camera shy, they can take on the role of a technician or the film crew.

The kids are given a digital copy of the shoot as a party favor.

8. Photo Booth Birthday Party

Photo Booth Birthday Party
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A photo booth is an absolutely memorable idea to host a kid’s indoor birthday party. A backdrop of any theme you wish can be created either by hand or rented and props related to the theme can be arranged. Even food could be catered to as per the photo booth theme.

In case you wish to those hand over the responsibility of hosting the party to the experts and be carefree and enjoy your kid’s special occasion, then try connecting with EmeraldEvents.

They have a quick setup and include unlimited pictures in their package. They even have a package where they do the physical prints of the photos as well. 

The basic inclusions in the package are a complimentary photo album, a USB drive with digital pics, and a themed prop box. 

A wonderful and hassle-free way to celebrate your kid’s indoor birthday party in Richmond, VA.

9. Pool Birthday Party

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What better way than to host your kid’s pool themed birthday party in Richmond, VA?

If you own a backyard pool then this would be the best option for a chill birthday party. If not, you can hire the local pool for a stipulated period and host your party. By printing out supercool invites, arranging colorful decor, some yummy refreshments, flip-flops, sunglasses, pool floats in the shape of unicorns, flamingos, watermelon slices, and even ice cream cones, and putting on a big speaker to belt out the latest music, you are all set to host a fabulous birthday party for your kid.

In case you wish to leave the preparations to the experts then book a party with The Bubble Rollers. In case the venue is ours, they host the party for us for around 2 hours and get their bubble rollers also called zorbs depending on the size of your pool.

PS: In case you want to hire out the inflatable pool from them, they have different packages for it as well.

10. Ice Skating Birthday Party

Ice Skating Birthday Party
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Ice skating is a superb sport in itself and children are keen to try their luck on the ice skating rink.

An ice skating birthday party is super fun for just everyone and not only kids, even if you are just an observer. Watching the kids and family trying to skate, glide and in the process tumble and fall can be extremely hilarious as much as it is full of fun and learning.

When you roll out an invite for an ice skating themed birthday party is to be sure to add in the invite for everyone especially the kids to dress warmly with their gloves, snow pants, hats, coats, scarves, etc as the skating rink area would be extremely cold.

The Emerald Events hosts an exciting New Mobile Synthetic Ice Rink and Ice Curling arena birthday party packages great for both kids and adults. Their packages include a state-of-the-art plastic polymer ice rink, ice skates in assorted sizes, all the necessary equipment, and trained team members to construct an ice skating rink in your home’s backyard or any firm and flat surface along with a skate changing area and pre-sharpened ice skates and skate aids. Their staff is trained and looks after the setup and operations.

PS: They are approved by The California PTA and by Compliance Depot for all Public, Private and Catholic Schools.

Besides the above, you could also host your kids a Bouncing House Birthday Party or Bowling Birthday Party as well. There are tons more options and it all depends on your convenience, head count, and budget. In case you wish to avoid all the frills, then simply host your kid a birthday at home, with a cake, some refreshments, and the kid’s choice of party favors along with 1-minute party games for some birthday party fun.

Hope this list is helpful for you and helps you plan the best indoor birthday party for your kid in Orange County, Richmond VA with a host of fun activities and party ideas.

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