Escape Rooms And Team Building, Why Do They Make A Good Combination?

Are you an employee or an employer who reaches home all drained out and exhausted at the end of the day after your work hours?

Are you stuck in an impersonal atmosphere at work with almost nil knowledge of your colleagues and their life beyond work?

Is your interaction within your workplace  with team members and co-workers only restricted within office hours that too ‘to the point’ work related?

Well, if your answers are YES to the above questions, you sure are in need of some Team Building exercises.

What exactly do you understand by the term Team Building?

Team Building simply means a connection within your team members or workers, outside or within the four walls of the office space. A group of people are given tasks and activities to engage in as a group that helps them work together as a team, which in turn promotes familiarity and co-operation amongst themselves. The end result of which helps them to meet targets and achieve their goals and helps in fulfilling the needs and demands of the customers.

Team Building helps in familiarizing the workers with each other and helps to motivate them and address their strengths and weaknesses. More than a test or competition, it helps the members to bond and collaborate with each other to work organically.

What are Escape Rooms?

Just as the words suggest, Escape Room is a room/place where a group of people are locked together and in order to escape they need to complete some tasks or activities within a certain time frame. These rooms are fun and filled with mysteries like puzzles, riddles and clues, which help them and their team members find their way out within a stipulated time. 

Why Escape Rooms as a Team Building exercise?

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Previously team building exercises consisted of office parties and games along with a few questions and answers sessions, but with the advent of social media and virtual reality, all of these activities seemed to have lost their charm.

Thus, in came the novel concept of Escape Rooms as a Team Building activity.

Escape Rooms are thrilling and mysterious, wherein the team coordinates and collaborates as one to solve the puzzle or clue and leave the escape room within the time frame and emerge as the winning team. 

Escape Rooms are truly the way to be. Be it for a team building exercise or simply to hang out with your group of friends over some cryptic problem solving and escaping out in time, it can truly be an exhilarating and happy occasion. 

My personal recommendation for an escape room in Virginia would definitely have to be The Escape Adventures.

The current rooms offered by them are Blackbeard’s Revenge & Lab Rats, both unique and different in their own.

Blackbeard’s Revenge gives you the thrill of being locked up on a pirate’s ship and trying to escape in an hour with your team of friends or co-workers.

Whilst Lab Rats find you trapped in a medical facility and coming out of it in 60 minutes definitely feels like a race against time.

The Escape Adventures cater to events, birthday parties, team building activities and much more. 

Location: Chester, VA 13209 Rivers Bend Blvd, Chester, VA 23836.

Contact Info: +1 (804)-571-6246

Listed Below Are Some Of My Favourite Reasons For Visiting An Escape Room For Effective Team Building

No Physical Barriers

With the advent of technology, the world has indeed become a small place. Keeping this in mind, Escape Rooms have been made virtual as well as physical. For all those co-workers separated by continents and united by technology, the Virtual Escape Rooms serve as a great team building exercise and help each other to connect and build a rapport.

Develops Communication Amongst Workers

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Sitting on the workdesk day in and out, workers keep mostly to themselves and their tasks at hand. Each concerned with their own work problems and tasks. During such Escape Room activities, the teams bond and communicate with each other as one and freely express their ideas or opinions to help each other complete the game and escape the room together. Coordination and communication between all the team members increases significantly during such activities.

Enhances Problem Solving Activity

Together and locked in a room, is motivation enough for all the team members to put on their thinking caps and try to solve the puzzle/clue that would enable them to leave the room within the stipulated time frame. It is indeed a challenge to anticipate the tasks at hand impromptu and come up with different ways to solve the problem at hand with trial and error incorporating and heeding to the suggestions of all members collectively.The team learns to collectively look at a problem as a whole and put in their expertise and skills together as a group.

Leadership Skills Are Honed

As a by-product of Escape Rooms, leadership abilities and skills are developed amongst individuals and also teams. Deciding on who would team up with whom, how would the puzzles be approached, how soon or fast a task is to be completed, all of the above require a leader who would delegate the duties amongst the other members. These rooms help to bring out the hidden leadership qualities of individuals in a fun and competing manner and identify members within the team  exhibiting such leadership qualities.

Out Of Box Thinking Is Encouraged

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Escape Rooms teaches us to tackle problems in a novel way. Where the logical mind gives up, the analytical mind takes over and compels us to take action and step up. Since the puzzles and clues are different from a person’s daily tasks, it forces a person to think out of the box and approach the problem at hand in a creative manner. It makes the entire team think from a different perspective and come up with a solution within the limited time frame. Different from the mundane office activities, Escape Rooms allows your creativity and originality to take over.

Easy On The Pockets

For any office, to conduct a team building activity, the first question would be “Is it going to be expensive?”, as such an event would not be one of, and would be needed to conduct at regular intervals and frequency. Escape Rooms are not only unique and creative but also a pocket friendly and inexpensive way to build a rapport within the team. As simple as deciding a venue and pre booking it for an allotted day and time, Escape Rooms are a cost effective way to bring together your entire team for a day of outing filled with fun and vigour.

Motivates and Develops Team Spirit

Working day long on your desk with allotted tasks, leads to complacency and a spirit of competition with your co-workers, where everyone individually tries to outshine the other. Escape Rooms help to better the bond between co-workers and develop team spirit and harmony. These rooms help to build a good rapport in a fun way without the feeling of enmity creeping in. The logic being simple, the happier and motivated the employees, the better are the team numbers and overall performance of the company and results.

The growing popularity of escape rooms has led to the rise of live-actor escape rooms which is more immersive and interactive than traditional escape room! Head to the link to discover more.

Hope this blog has helped you and your team discover the many benefits of Team Building activities via Escape Rooms. Do share the word and help others find this amazing and therapeutic experience.

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