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Crack codes, spot clues, find hidden objects and find your way out before the clock hits 00:00.
Can you do it?

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Play the best-loved family escape games in Chester, VA. Immerse yourself in exciting environments as you star in your very own adventure. Can you beat the clock and escape in 60 minutes?

BlackBeard's Revenge



Escape a place

Trapped in the brig of his ship, can you find a way out before Blackbeard returns and makes you walk the plank?

You have 60 minutes!

Lab Rats

Research facility


Investigate a place

Can you investigate a strange medical research facility and figure out what they're up to before the timer runs out?

You have 60 minutes!

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Some Important Information

Don’t want to have to share your experience with strangers? Don’t worry; all our bookings are private by default.

We have 2 escape rooms each of which can hold up to 10 players each. Which means we can accommodate up to 20 players at one go.

If you have a group with more than 20 people, or if you want to have a head to head contest (where your group divides into two teams and both do the same room to see who escapes quicker), call us or email us.

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our rooms have a maximum time limit of 60 minutes, though you can plan on being at our facility for about 90 minutes. This allows for a pre-game briefing and pictures after.​

All of our escape games tell a story and place our customers in the story as main characters.

In the future, we will have escape rooms which will add chapters to previously told stories. We want to immerse our players into longer narratives and have you wanting to return to complete the stories.​

No, there will always be an unlocked exit in case of emergency​.

As of now we don’t have any escape games with scary themes.

At some points in the games you may be surprised or startled by something. But they’re not set up to scare or terrify you.

There aren’t any!

How to reach us

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