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Looking For An Effective Team Building Activity In Chester, VA?

An activity that inspires team members to work as a cohesive unit, bond amongst themselves, and respect one another, AND…
An activity that tells you who on the team has what it takes to step up to the plate and lead the team through tough challenges…
That’s what we call an “effective team building activity”.

Our founder Robert was in the Army, and he’s used his Army experience of building and leading teams to design team building events that are memorable and effective.

Ready for your most productive team building session yet?

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Our Team Building Packages

If you’re looking for an exciting event for your team members to get away from the charged workplace environment, go for the Fun Package. It’s all about having fun in our escape rooms and challenging each other to achieve the fastest times.

However, if you’re seeking actionable insight into team dynamics, check out the Growth and Results packages. They include break-out sessions where we sit with you to discuss team skills like Communication, Cooperation, and Coordination, and how those relate to your specific business.

Escape rooms only; food add-on available

– Private access to the facility
– Play our escape games
– Divide into groups and challenge each other to achieve the fastest time

Food add-on
– Pizzas from Marco’s

Escape rooms + Review session + food

– Escape room game
– Breakout session with our staff on team dynamics
– Post-event meal (pizzas from Marcos)

Escape rooms + Review session + food

– Escape room game
– Breakout session with our staff on team dynamics
– Second escape game
– Post-event meal (pizzas from Marcos)

Choose Your Escape Experience

Play the best-loved family escape games in Chester, VA. Immerse yourself in exciting environments as you star in your very own adventure. Can you beat the clock and escape in 60 minutes?

BlackBeard's Revenge



Escape a place

Trapped in the brig of his ship, can you find a way out before Blackbeard returns and makes you walk the plank?

You have 60 minutes!

Lab Rats

Research facility


Investigate a place

Can you investigate a strange medical research facility and figure out what they're up to before the timer runs out?

You have 60 minutes!

What Our Players Think Of Us

Frequently Asked Questions

In short, because we will deliver a team building event that your team will relish taking part in…and that will inspire your team to work more cohesively with one another.
Let me elaborate on that.
Our escape rooms are designed to be experiences that entice all participants to actively take part, and engage with one another to fulfil the mission.
And our breakout sessions, where we will sit with you to discuss team skills and how they apply to your business, will give you and your team the feedback you need to become more productive.
That’s what sets our team building sessions apart.

Absolutely! There are no age limits in our escape rooms.

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