How to Choose the Right Escape Room?

Choosing an escape room is a lot like picking a restaurant. Before making the call, you must consider several factors, such as the location, cuisine, ambiance, parking facilities, guests’ food preferences, age restrictions, etc. The same reasoning applies to escape rooms.

Every escape room is different. From the games on offer to the rules, you must get acquainted with the nuances to make informed decisions, especially if you or your teammates are playing for the first time.

At The Escape Adventures, we offer two excellent escape games that are ideal for beginners and veterans. Our dedicated Game Masters ensure you have a good time. Book your slots today and experience your most memorable escape room adventure!

On that note, here are our top ten tips for choosing your perfect escape room.

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Top 10 Tips for Choosing the Right Escape Room

Several factors must be considered when choosing an escape room. Let’s walk you through the ten essential elements to analyze when picking your next escape room adventure.

Check the Room Capacity

Every escape game specifies a maximum number of players. This varies according to the room’s physical dimensions and the puzzles the theme can accommodate. Choosing the ideal escape room for your team is crucial for the best experience.

The difficulty level multiplies if you play a game designed for large groups with fewer players. Conversely, if you play a game developed for a few players with a large group, there won’t be enough puzzles to keep everyone interested.

escape room lab rats
Trying to squeeze in too many players will cramp everyone.

Browse the Games on Offer

Escape rooms come in all shapes and sizes. From mystery-themed escape rooms to fairytales & fantasy, horror, adventure, and more, the list is endless! Picking a theme can be challenging, and you must consider your teammates’ preferences before making a reservation.

While adults may enjoy a horror-themed room, kids love fantasy and adventure-themed games. Our escape games – Blackbeard’s Revenge and Lab Rats – are ideal for kids and adults. So, whether you’re visiting with family, friends, or colleagues, we promise unlimited thrill.

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Check Age Restrictions

This brings us to the next most important criterion: age restrictions. Most escape rooms will have a minimum age recommendation so everyone has a good time. So, remember to check the age restrictions before booking.

The best escape games are balanced, so kids and adults can play together. Our escape games do not have age restrictions and entertain people of all ages. So, you can bring your kids and grandparents along for the ride!

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Verify the Difficulty Level

Several factors determine the complexity of an escape room. From puzzles and accessibility to sensory overload, designers can get creative in their approach. Hence, you must select the difficulty level of an escape room before booking.

Most escape games are rated on difficulty. For example, Blackbeard’s Revenge is at medium difficulty and recommended for amateurs. Lab Rats, however, is more challenging and suitable for veteran escape room players.

pirates escape room
First-timers should try Blackbeard’s Revenge – our easier game!

Compare on-site Amenities

Every escape room is unique. Hence, you must compare the amenities before making a reservation. For example, it’s essential to find out if there is free parking nearby and if the property has restroom and catering facilities.

If you plan on hosting social or corporate gatherings like team-building events, birthday parties, anniversaries, date nights, etc., at an escape room, remember to ask critical questions before booking.

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A birthday party in full swing in our party room!

Check Room Reviews

One of the most efficient ways to determine whether an escape room is worth visiting is by reading what patrons say about their experiences. You can rely on Google Reviews, Trip Advisor, and Yelp for authentic feedback.

However, you must understand that it’s impossible to please everybody. Therefore, every escape room will have a few negative reviews. But how the business responds to negative comments says a lot about them. Companies with a quick, professional, and positive response are trustworthy.

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Check the Safety Measures

While escape rooms are strictly governed by State and Federal laws and must comply with safety regulations, we recommend you check the basic safety standards before entering the room. Study the floor layout and memorize emergency exits, fire extinguishers, and smoke alarms.

Pay attention when the Game Master briefs you before a session to understand what you can and cannot do inside a room. Memorize the nearest safety route in case of fire, technical difficulties, or medical emergencies, and follow the Game Master’s instructions.

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Verify the Location

Most escape rooms are located conveniently near other businesses and social attractions, so you are close to free parking, public transportation, pubs & restaurants, and other amenities. Choose an escape room in a convenient location to celebrate with your team over food and drinks.

The Escape Adventures is conveniently located close to several fantastic restaurants and pubs where you can grab a quick bite after the game. If you’re driving, please stay sober. Other amenities include on-site parking, a grocery store, a nail salon, a car wash, and an ATM.

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Check Room Availability 

The best escape rooms are usually sold out on weekends. If you plan on visiting with friends and family, please make a reservation to avoid confusion and inconvenience at the last minute. We recommend checking the booking schedule or contacting the escape room for details.

At The Escape Adventures, we have two exciting rooms that you can choose from. Pick your favorite game and book your slots for an exciting experience. Check our booking schedule or call us to learn what is available for your desired date and time.

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Compare Deals and Discounts

If you’re visiting during the Holidays, look out for amazing deals and discounts at your local escape room. While this isn’t the deciding factor when choosing an escape room, who doesn’t like freebies?

Speaking of freebies, why not gift an incredible experience to your loved ones for their birthday, anniversary, homecoming, or other special occasion and make their day even more awesome? Get your special voucher today!

Ready To Book Your Next Escape Room Adventure?

That concludes our list of the top things to consider when choosing an escape room. If you’re looking for the best escape room in Richmond, VA, The Escape Adventures should be on top of your bucket list. Gather your friends, family, or colleagues and visit us to experience a fun day and create lasting memories. Plan your next excursion today!

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