7 Premier Escape Rooms for Kids’ Party in Chester, Virginia

It’s that time of the year again! Time to start planning your kid’s birthday party event, and this year, we ask you to try something a little different. 

Escape rooms are the new talk of the town. Filled with fun and challenging puzzles, your kid will jog their brains while still having fun! Some facilities also provide private escape rooms for your kids to party after the games. 

We’ve done some research around Chester, Virginia, and hand-selected 7 of the best kid friendly escape rooms that make a perfect afternoon or evening of fabulous fun. 

Escape rooms are suitable for kids of all ages. And all of the below escape rooms are kid friendly and family friendly. An adult chaperone is needed, and depending on the facility, you can either wait outside or play with your kids! 

Worry not, and dig in! 

1. Gnome & Raven 

Located in Richmond, 25 minutes from Chester Park, this escape game facility will enthrall you with a magical experience for both you and your children! 

Whether you are looking to host a small intimate gathering or a larger party, the friendly staff at Gnome & Raven will get the stage ready for you. From balloons and party decorations to birthday cakes and party favors, they will make your child’s birthday one to remember. 

They have 4 whimsical and enchanted themes, including Wizard’s Castle, Shipwrecked, Tomb Ruins, and Magic Lamp. You can customize the party to fit your child’s interests and preferences. A game master or guide will be present at all times to ensure safety. 

They offer various birthday packages with add-ons for custom invites and other party favors. 

Bonus Points: Each room has its own dedicated themed party space! 

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Gnome & Raven Richmond VA

2. The Escape Adventures 

Located in Chester, 10 minutes from Chester Park, The Escape Adventures will give you thrilling, unique, and lasting birthday memories and experiences. 

Escape a pirate ship or inspect a mysterious research facility. From gripping themes to choose from, the facility offers extraordinary escape room adventures you have always fantasized about. 

All you have to do is, set your booking date, work on a guestlist, decide on a theme and call us! Our event managers will note down your instructions, and based on them, we’ll make it a night for your kid to remember! The party room is also food inclusive. 

We also take special requests, and customizations are available. Check our birthday party packages for more ideas. Head to our facility for an epic escape room themed birthday party! We also provide team building activities for corporate events. Gift cards are also available. 

Bonus Points: Special birthday T-shirts and decorations for your little kid! 

Unravel the entire saga of the Uber Leben Medical Research Facility.

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birthday party in Chester VA

3. Escape Old Towne 

Cut your kid’s cake in a big way! Located in Petersburg, Escape Old Towne offers an exciting way to celebrate your kid’s special day. 

The escape room puzzles are challenging and engaging, making your kids jog their minds while also having a fun and immersive activity for kids of all ages. From various themes to choose from, book your room with the facility for an unforgettable escape room birthday experience. 

Customizations and add-ons are available too. Call them prior to the special day to ensure all the decorations and everything necessary is set for your kid’s big day! 

Bonus Points: Fun escape room games for all age groups! 

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Escape Old Townie Petersburg VA

4. Breakout Games 

Break out of the ordinary and into a fun and immersive adventure of escape rooms that will excite the kids and help them work their minds! 

Located 21 minutes from Chester Park in Richmond, Breakout Games provide various interactive themes for your kids to bond and grow together. They also have different difficulty levels to boost your kid’s adrenaline and make them excited for a fun birthday. 

Call them to set up a fantastic birthday adventure for your kid and their friends. 

Bonus Points: Breakout Games are available all over the US. 

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Breakout Games Richmond VA

5. Ravenchase Adventures 

Located in Richmond, 29 minutes from Chester Park, Ravenchase Adventures has rooms designed with attention to detail. 

Check their list of escape room themes that range from magic to mythological. The escape rooms are very easy, making it fun for the kids to solve. Make your list of requirements, prepare a guestlist, and call the facility to reserve your seats. 

The facility doesn’t take walk-in bookings and must be made at least 2 hours in advance. And players below the age of 18 will need an adult to supervise them. 

Bonus Points: Ravenchase Adventures have multiple facilities in Virginia. 

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Ravenchase Adventures Richmond VA

6. Room ESC 

Located in Downtown Hopewell, 16 minutes from Chester Park, Room ESC combines wit, fun, and reality to make it an escape room experience to remember! 

Room ESC helps players to live the story by engaging and interacting by solving puzzles and mysteries, making your kid’s day extra special. They also accept customizations. 

Bonus Points: The facility consists of scary escape rooms. 

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7. Riddle Me This Escape Rooms 

Located in Tuckahoe, 28 minutes from Chester Park, at Riddle Me This Escape Rooms, you will have a memorable escape room for kids’ birthday party in Chester! 

From bank heists to spaceship battles, this escape room facility has everything to make a perfect birthday party for your kid and their friends. If your kid is an adventure seeker or not, the puzzles will bring them a lot of fun! 

Plus, there is a lot of running about to find clues – a game that the kids yearn for. 

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Bonus Points: Moderate difficulty-level escape games are available.

Riddle Me This Escape Rooms Tuckahoe VA

A new world of birthday party venues are opening up. Rest assured, your young adventurers will love the thrill of plotting their escape from an escape room in Chester. 

Call our event planners today for a stress-free birthday party and a blast for your kids! 

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