The Top 10 Team Building Activities in Richmond, VA

A team consists not just of coworkers or team members but of individuals who are together 24/7 five days a week. The association they share is not just professional but also human as they share the ups and downs of their lives due to their continuous close association. 

Keeping this proximity of the team members in mind, corporates are now big on planning team building activities for them. These activities allow them to interact carefree with each other outside the workspace and help in building a bond and a united team.

Due to the pandemic and virtual work, the physical distance between coworkers had increased tremendously, and what better way to bridge the gap, than by indulging in some team building activities?

Team Building helps in getting to know each other better but also teaches important lessons that help to boost morale and improve communication and trust between your team which leads to better productivity.

Listed below are my Top 10 Team Building Activities in Richmond, VA:-

  1. Escape Rooms
  2. Go Karting 
  3. Retreat
  4. Shuffleboard Competition
  5. Breweries & Wineries
  6. Volunteering Service / Donation Drive 
  7. Sports
  8. Paintball
  9. Golf

   10. Amusement Parks

1. Escape Rooms


The most preferred and favored form of team building in recent times, Escape rooms are full of thrills and fun combined. Ideal equally for corporates to hold their team building exercise and also to plan a kid’s birthday party; at an escape room.

An ideal team building activity, where brainstorming on the puzzles and riddles, everyone has to escape together collectively as a group. In an escape room, a feeling of togetherness and effective communication amongst the members can be felt.

Escape rooms are virtual as well as physical and in both, the objective remains the same; that of escaping the room by solving puzzles and challenges in 60 mins. My recommendation would definitely be The Escape Adventures, probably the best escape room in Richmond, VA.

An absolutely must try experience for everyone, your team members and co workers will definitely thank you for this amazing experience.

2. Go Karting

The team members usually cooperate and coordinate with each other to get their work done, but never openly compete. With Go Karting as a team building activity, everyone can let off some steam and try to go past their team member in a fun competition.

The entire team will hoot and cheer and will have something to gloat about till the next such team building event. The game itself is all about precision and control and who can handle high pressure.

G-Force Karts in Richmond VA has a track full of thrills and bends that tests your speed and control; both are effective during crisis resolution. 

3. Retreat


The most peaceful and easy location for a team building activity in Richmond, VA is definitely a day out at a Retreat. Retreats are a casual and non formal places where the entire team can hang out and just be themselves.

Retreats offer various team building activities such as indoor games, outdoor games, spiritual sessions, or simply a day out where each can indulge in any activity or sport as per their liking and choice.

Roslyn Conference and Retreat Center offers a peaceful and spiritual experience for a calming team building activity. There is a chapel on the property which is like a soothing balm for the soul.

4. Shuffleboard Competition

What exactly is a Shuffleboard competition, you may ask?

Shuffleboard is actually a game where players push weighted discs using cues and send them gliding down a narrow court. The purpose of this game is that the cues should come to rest at a scoring area that is marked.

This competition is great for team building as it brings about a competitive streak and tests each team member’s ability to perform under pressure.

Scott’s Addition’s Tang & Biscuit in Richmond VA is the perfect place to indulge in some shuffleboard competitive activities to bring out the child in you. (This place also has games like giant Jenga and connect four along with a mini shuffleboard too.) 

5. Breweries & Wineries


Imagine letting loose all your work pressure and steam and attending a fun and enjoyable beer or wine crafting activity! Sounds fun, right?

This is exactly what a corporate team building activity in Richmond, VA is like at a Brewery or Winery. Organizing a beer or a wine crafting and tasting event brings back a fun and light hearted session where the team can reminisce and share heartful stories and balance the pressures of life. 

This is an absolutely fun session and every team member can lighten up and have fun. They can tell stories of their life and childhood and how they coped with competitions and stress.

Such events help to break away from work and help in getting to know each other. The team and its members feel more connected and make working together all the more fun.

6. Volunteering Service / Donation Drive

To bring a human aspect to a team building activity, a charity event or a donation drive or simply volunteering at an old age or children’s home can be organised.

This only helps the team to bond with each other but also the selfless cause of giving back to society for a worthwhile cause can bring out a sense of peace and harmony which helps in the overall productivity and betterment of the team.

Such deeds make work seem more humane and make it more personal than just a means of employment bringing satisfaction and wellness; along with a united and peaceful aura to the team.

7. Sports


When we speak of the team, we also need to act and behave as one. The earliest memory of a team building activity for me would be my childhood and sports. 

Sports is the most natural and friendliest form of co existing and bonding with each other. They not only make you learn to work together and have fun, but also teaches us the most essential element; to be together and work as a team.

Games like Relay Race, Tug of war, etc are great ways to bond and not only make you participate together as a team but also force the group to work as one and encourage them in a positive healthy competitive spirit.

8. Paintball

Paintball as a team building activity brings your team together outside of the workplace and gives them a chance to have some fun together and work as a team. This not strengths their relationships at the workplace but also enhances productivity and helps in their overall performame.

An activity like paintball can build camaraderie and team spirit and teach your team how trust is built. We can also see how leadership emerges, along with strategic planning and effective communication grows. Decision making under pressure brings together the team as one, all in the name of fun!

XZone Paintball Park is a place that can surely be tried for your team building activity in Richmond, VA.

9. Golf


A sport normally considered for the rich and elite, corporates are looking at Golf as a serious team building activity in recent times. It helps in bridging the gap between all the members of the team.

There is a very common perception that golf is not only an individual sport but it can be played both; as an individual sport as well as a team sport by both amateurs and professionals

Drive Shack in Richmond, VA is an amazing experience as it has a high-tech golf driving range and games along with a full menu of chef-inspired food and drinks and a sports bar that would be perfect for your team building activity.

10. Amusement Parks

Why do we see more adults than teenagers at Disneyland or any other amusement park per se?

The answer is extremely simple. Somewhere we all have a little child inside us who would jump at the opportunity to let loose from the daily routine and just enjoy some childish and carefree life.

With an array of activities to choose from like mini golf, laser tag, and go kart, amusement parks keep you and your team entertained for the entire day. Such an activity helps in communication and getting acquainted with the team and strengthens their problem solving ability.

Besides the above listed activities,  there are many more team building activities that can be done in Richmond, VA like:-

  • AR Workshop
  • Archery
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Water Adventure Parks
  • Team Meal etc.

The point here is to do something as a team that can enhance your creativity and problem solving ability and help you and your bond outside of work as well. 

Hope you and your team enjoy the above listed activities to the fullest and have a happy and fun team building activity.

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