Best Things To Do With Kids Near Me This Thanksgiving Day

Richmond, the capital city of Virginia, has a lot to offer for all age groups and genders. It is one of the oldest cities in America and consists of places that are famous for their history and natural beauty and also for their technology and architectural marvel.

Richmond, VA has tons of parks, dining places, as well as kids centric attractions. To make Thanksgiving Day more fun you can plan a trip to a museum, amusement park, or science center, or simply enjoy the great parks and gardens the city of Richmond has to offer.

In case you are on the lookout for the best activities to do in the new year, check here.

Listed below are my Best Things To Do With Kids Near Me This Thanksgiving Day in Richmond VA, to help you plan the perfect kid’s fun activity and entertainment.

  1. William Byrd Park
  2. The Escape Adventures
  3. Children’s Museum of Richmond
  4. G- Force Karts
  5. The Belle Isle
  6. Sky Zone Trampoline Park
  7. Movieland at Boulevard Square
  8. Science Museum of Virginia
  9. Dominion Gardenfest of Lights
  10.  Black History Museum and Cultural Center

1.William Byrd Park


William Byrd Park, located in Richmond, Virginia is a popular park and one of the most popular parks in Virginia. Spanning across 200 acres,  William Byrd Park includes an amphitheater, tennis courts, scenic trails, monuments, lakes, and basic facilities like a picnic area, drinking water, and restrooms.

William Byrd Park is an ideal spot for fun activities with kids this Thanksgiving Day. There are tonnes of activities to enjoy with your family and kids like enjoying a game of tennis or going for a pedal boat ride, or simply playing tag or catch.

The special attraction here is that you can even teach your kids fishing.

PS: The park is a toddler and baby friendly place, where they can be easily pushed in their strollers.

2. The Escape Adventures


One of the best fun activities to do in Richmond with kids is to visit the mystery rooms at The Escape Adventures.

They have 2 escape rooms, The Blackbeard’s Revenge and The Lab Rats, each of which can accommodate 2-8 players and the game lasts for 60 minutes.

Escape rooms are a perfect activity to spend Thanksgiving Day with your family and kids. Imagine working together with your kids to solve the puzzles and clues to leave the escape room before the time runs out.

The rooms have a game master who monitors you and helps you in solving the clues in case you are stuck and need help throughout your game. The staff is extremely professional, helpful, and nice. 

Escape rooms are a great team building activity as well as ideal for hosting your kids/teens birthday.

3. Children’s Museum of Richmond


If you are looking for a kid’s friendly place this Thanksgiving Day in Richmond, VA then head straight to the Children’s Museum of Richmond.

There are various play areas and kids’ activities, along with three farm zones, a carousel, kids’ activities, hands-on exhibits, an outdoor playground, a splash pad, merry go round dinosaur cave, and a water park area. The museum has loads of fun learning activities for kids of all ages and gives the kids a place to explore and discover what they want to be in the future while enjoying themselves.

The museum also has an art studio, a schoolhouse where the kids can learn math and study letters, and an enchanted forest that is filled with toys, slides, and a tree the kids can crawl in

4. G- Force Karts


So how about some thrills and yelps this Thanksgiving Day with your kids?

Go Karting is all about speed, precision, direction, and control. Kids and adults alike enjoy this activity and the high pressure and thrill that accompanies alongside.

An absolutely fun activity to do with kids in Richmond, Go Karting at G-Force Karts lets you coordinate with each other and let off some holiday steam in a fun and competitive way. 

Alongside Go Karting tracks which are full of thrills, the G-Force Karts in Richmond VA also has off-road racing. In case you aren’t an adventure freak, you can play their arcade and virtual games. The entire staff takes the necessary precautions and keeps the safety of clients as their utmost priority.

Ideal for kids starting from 5 years of age (they can accompany an adult in a 2 seater Go Kart) to the youngsters and adults who are licensed drivers, the G-Force Karts has something to offer everyone.

5. The Belle Isle


If you are looking for things to do with kids in Richmond, head straight to Belle Isle.  

Belle Isle is a wooded area complete with wildlife and great biking trails. It offers fun activities for kids like rock climbing, paddle boating, kayaking, and fishing.

Young kids need to be supervised near the water due to the unknown depth and swift currents. Life jackets are a must for all, adults and children alike. The cool bike trail is especially famous amongst the kids for their bumps, trails, and obstacles.

The suspension bridge is a great place to click some amazing pictures and enjoy the beautiful view of the island. There is also a museum on the island that lets you learn about the island’s history as well.

PS: Before embarking on any water sports or casual swimming, please check the water levels.

6. Sky Zone Trampoline Park


Sky Zone Trampoline Park is one of the most popular places to visit in Richmond, VA. The park is not only ideal for kids but also for adults, where everyone can become kids again and play their hearts out. 

Ideal for hosting a birthday party for your kid in Richmond, the Sky Zone Trampoline Park will make the kids jump, flip and laugh till they tire themselves out from all the unending fun. 

You can jump on the trampolines, dunk on the basketball hoops, dive into a foam pool, play dodge ball or simply try some acrobats and gymnastics. They have separate areas for children and adults.In case you are looking for indoor birthday party venues for your kid’s birthday, check here.

7. Movieland at Boulevard Square


So who doesn’t like a good movie to watch on the big screen? Free from the disturbing ad breaks and buffering.

Just purchase a ticket with your entire family, kids included, and select and enjoy the plush seats that the theatre offers. Enjoy your choice of movie along with your favorite savories and of course with a big tub of popcorn and cold drinks.

Movieland offers full value meal menus and great deals on certain days like their Tuesday deals and Sunday deals on Slurpee’s and popcorn Sundays. The plus side is their vast parking lot, which makes travel to and fro Movieland extremely comfortable. 

On Thanksgiving Day catch up at Movieland, with a film apt for kids, curled up on your seat, munch on popcorn, and sip your favorite cola and make it a day to remember for sure.

 8. Science Museum of Virginia


Imagine going to a place that combines both fun and education for kids.

The Science Museum of Virginia is the apt place to visit this Thanksgiving Day in Richmond, VA.

There are so many exciting exhibits for all ages. The Imax dome has interactive experiences and rotating exhibits that are extremely informative. They have an art and craft room, a play area for kids, and hands on learning for kids and teenagers. 

Featuring displays for children of all ages, you can watch the shark’s predator or prey exhibit that has an impressive display of shark teeth and shark models. The museum features interactive physiology experiences and an exhibit featuring an SR-71 Blackbird. Movies could be watched in the dome at an extra price ticket as well.

The Science Museum has easily accessible parking and snack options inside.  The staff is great and friendly and the cleanliness of the museum is commendable.

9. Dominion Gardenfest of Lights


This Thanksgiving Day head out to the Dominion Gardenfest of Lights with your family and kids to witness and experience an altogether different world.

From the 25th of Nov till the 9th of Jan, the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden will host the most popular light show ‘Dominion GardenFest of Lights’.

This year’s theme is Nature’s DeLIGHTS and the festival is Open every day from 4 pm to 10 pm. A dazzling display of lights lines the garden paths and the festivities are on full display in trees under the night sky. 

The Dominion GardenFest of Lights should definitely not be missed and the entire experience lets you and your loved ones relax, bond, have fun, spend quality time with each other and make lifelong memories to cherish. 

PS: Entry is solely on the basis of tickets, no walk ins allowed.

10. Black History Museum and Cultural Center


The Black History Museum & Cultural Center of Virginia (BHMVA) provides and develops services and resources along with activities and opportunities to understand about the history and culture of Black people in Virginia. The museum has documents, art, and photographs, showcasing the African American culture in Virginia.

The museum features interactive, educative, and traveling exhibits and stories that were long forgotten. It gives a better in depth study and understanding of African American history and culture which helps in creating a more diverse and inclusive society. 

The staff is extremely polite and interactive and answers all our questions and queries. The museum is definitely a must visit this Thanksgiving day with kids and family, as it is not only entertaining but also educative.

 The museum holds exhibits throughout the year with different themes every time. You can head out to their website and learn about the ongoing exhibits.

Hope this list is helpful for you and helps you plan the Best Things To Do With Kids Near Me in Richmond, VA this Thanksgiving Day with a host of fun activities and ideas to choose from. 

Do let us know which fun activity will you try this Thanksgiving Day.

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