7 Things to Do on Valentine’s Day in Richmond, VA

Richmond, a city brimming with romantic charm and history, offers an array of enchanting experiences to make your Valentine’s Day unforgettable. 

Imagine strolling hand-in-hand along cobblestone streets, basking in the glow of historic lanterns, or sharing a cozy moment in a quaint café. This Valentine’s Day, explore the heart of Virginia with someone special. 

From serene river walks under starlit skies to indulging in gourmet delights at hidden culinary gems, Richmond presents a perfect backdrop for love. 

Here are 7 unique activities to ignite the spark of romance and create lasting memories in this charming city. 

Whether you’re a long-time couple or kindling a new romance, Richmond’s allure promises a Valentine’s Day filled with wonder and affection.

#1 Go Skiing!

Imagine whisking away with your significant other to the snowy slopes for a Valentine’s Day adventure, intertwining the thrill of skiing with the warmth of romance. 

Feel the sense of togetherness, take in the scenic beauty and help each other ski! Have a few playful challenges maybe to later laugh it off. Whether you’re an experienced skier or trying it for the first time, the day is less about perfecting your ski technique and more about creating unforgettable memories. 

After a day on the slopes, warm up with hot cocoa and dinner (for the hunger pangs) in the cozy ski lodge. 

This Valentine’s Day ski trip in Richmond, VA, isn’t just a date; it’s an experience that strengthens your bond and leaves you both with heartwarming memories to cherish.


#2 An Escape Room Date!

Escape the ordinary this Valentine’s Day with an unforgettable date at our escape rooms – The Escape Adventures. Escape rooms make great date nights not only because they test your teamwork but also strengthen your bond, making it a romantic and exciting choice.

We also provide event spaces ideal for hosting your special date night after you play your escape rooms. You can also request to customize the event space according to your needs. 

Add this extra touch of personalization for a surprise your partner didn’t see it come!

Book your tickets beforehand, as Valentine’s Day is almost around the corner, and bookings are already pouring in. 

escape rooms date

#3 Dark Valentine’s Fantasy Ball

The “Dark Valentine’s Fantasy Ball: A Morbid Masquerade“, with its unconventional gothic theme, invites couples to explore a mysterious world filled with special performances, diverse music genres, and a creative costume/mask contest. 

The historic Hofheimer Building enhances the ambiance with its grandeur, while the event also promotes community spirit through a charity canned food drive. 

Couples can indulge in exclusive themed cocktails crafted by expert mixologists, making the event a perfect blend of fantasy, creativity, and philanthropy.

Event Details – 

Date – February 16th, 2024

Time – Doors open at 8:00 PM

Location – Hofheimer Building, Richmond, VA

#4 Wine Tasting Hand-in-Hand

Escape to a romantic haven this Valentine’s Day by visiting one of Virginia’s enchanting wineries with your significant other. These wineries, set in picturesque landscapes, offer a warm and inviting atmosphere perfect for couples. 

Envision yourselves cozied up on plush couches beside a roaring fireplace, sipping award-winning wines, and basking in the serene beauty of the surroundings. The wineries provide a tranquil retreat with charming interiors, rich wood-paneled walls, large, comfortable couches, and unique metal chandeliers that create a warm, inviting glow. 

Whether the rustic charm of a repurposed barn or the elegance of a Tuscan-style tasting room, each winery offers a unique experience. This blend of fine wine, cozy ambiance, and romantic settings is ideal for creating unforgettable memories on Valentine’s Day.

Explore wineries in and around Richmond, VA

wine tasting

#5 Romantic Getaway in a Cozy Cabin

What’s better than getting under the sheets on a cozy winter night?

Ideal for those seeking a tranquil escape, cabins provide a perfect blend of rustic charm and modern comforts, set against Virginia’s picturesque landscapes, making them a memorable choice for a cozy and intimate Valentine’s celebration.

Couples can choose from a variety of settings, such as the elegant Fort Lewis Lodge and Farm, the serene Inn at Vaucluse Spring, the quaint By the Side of the Road Getaway Lodging, and the scenic Shadow Mountain Escape. 

These retreats offer private and romantic atmospheres with amenities like hot tubs, fireplaces, and stunning natural views. You can also take a trip to the mountains nearby.

romantic getaway

#6 Relax at a Couples Spa

Indulge in the serene and romantic atmosphere of a couples spa in Richmond, VA, this Valentine’s Day. 

Picture yourself and your significant other stepping into a sanctuary of tranquillity, where the outside world fades away, leaving only you in a cocoon of wellness and affection. 

The spa’s ambiance, characterized by soft, harmonious music and the gentle fragrance of essential oils, sets the perfect stage for a day of togetherness. Side by side, you’ll experience soothing treatments that relax the body and bring a sense of closeness and intimacy. 

The gentle touch of skilled therapists in the synchronized massages creates a shared experience, fostering a unique bond. As you both unwind, the stresses of daily life dissolve, making room for deep connection and mutual rejuvenation. 

This Valentine’s Day, instead of going the long route, pamper yourself along with your significant other at your nearest spa parlor!

#7 Pal-entine’s for the Best Friends

Who said you cannot take your best friend out on a date?! 

Start your day with an exhilarating skiing adventure, gliding down the powdery slopes, laughing, and sharing stories as you embrace the crisp winter air. After a morning filled with adrenaline and joy, you and your best friend head back to the heart of Richmond. 

Next, stroll through the charming streets, browsing quirky boutiques and absorbing the vibrant atmosphere. As the evening approaches, treat yourselves to a luxurious dinner at one of the many restaurants in Richmond, indulging in exquisite cuisine under the glow of chandeliers, reminiscing about past adventures, and dreaming about future escapades. 

Create a new trend that scares the couples. Haha. Aside from the jokes, you will cherish this day for years and, someday, tell tales to your grandchildren. 

palentines friends

As the day draws closer, Richmond’s Valentine’s magic lingers in the air, weaving a tapestry of unforgettable memories. 

From the enchanting walks by the James River to the intimate corners of historical landmarks, each moment spent here is a testament to the city’s romantic essence. 

Whether it’s the thrill of a unique adventure or the warmth of a candlelit dinner, Richmond offers a Valentine’s experience that resonates with every heart. 

So, as you depart from this city of love, know that the memories made here are not just for a day but for a lifetime, echoing the timeless romance of Richmond.

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Until then, cheers!

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